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Litigation and Dispute Prevention

SCHAEMANN LAW OFFICES provides advice in legal disputes and potential legal disputes.

Time and cost intensive court cases can often be avoided by employing the right tactics in advance - allowing the parties to reach the desired outcome through alternate means. Wherever appropriate and workable, we avoid court cases rather than run them.

If a dispute is unavoidable, or if involving the courts is a desired course of action, we handle our clients' cases with the necessary attention to detail, consequence and force where required. The substantive legal focus of our advice during litigation is identical to our [areas of expertise].

We are admitted before the District and Municipal Courts of Berlin and are also admitted before all other District and Appeals Courts in Germany. Our lawyers have wide ranging experience in litigation. This applies equally to cases involving international matters.

We view our success on the outcomes of the cases in which we provide representation, not on the number of cases in which our services are required.