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Estate Planning

SCHAEMANN LAW OFFICES provides expertise and specialization in personal and commercial estate planning.

We provide our clients with comprehensive advice in the structuring of estates. Estate planning includes estate, asset and succession planning which is tailored to suit the needs of our clients, and is based exclusively on their wishes and requirements. We don't simply focus on one particular consideration such as taxation: our estate planning covers all aspects equally, including legal requirements, taxation, financial planning and mediation.

In this field, where our advice always spans two generations, our aim is to maintain the assets and life's work of our clients, providing an outcome which looks to the future and produces the maximum taxation benefits going forward.

We manage the estate planning of our clients for the long term, constantly focusing on the changing circumstances in their lives and businesses, thus ensuring we can react to these appropriately and promptly.

We provide advice in international estate planning.

We can manage the execution of your estate.

Our lawyers have proven and certified specialist qualifications as Estate Planners (ebs)/CEP.